If you’re an iPad user and still looking for an adorable case cover, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve gathered up some of the cutest iPad covers from Clique Shops‘ Etsy shop, so that you can give your iPad a stylish protective cover!

  1. Platinum Edition Bianco Sivec

platinum edition bianco sivec from etsy

This one is stunningly beautiful! The rose gold cover is made from a high-quality light vinyl skin to protect your iPad from scratches or smudges. You can also get this in matte or glossy for a perfect finish. Love it!

2. Platinum Edition White Pearl

platinum edition white pearl from etsy

We just can’t get enough of rose gold! And here’s another sleek cover that you’ll definitely love! This one is a vinyl skin cover, which you can also get in a hard case. Just select the “SmartCase” option and you’ll have the same cute cover for your iPad! Pizzaz!

3. Platinum Edition Chrome Cover

platinum edition chrome cover from etsy

Here’s a classy and gorgeous handmade cover perfect for our iPad! This is a hybrid smart hard case in a lovely rose gold design. Get this chic cover and we bet, your iPad will definitely never go out of style!

4. Platinum Edition ‘Simple is Beautiful’

platinum edition simple is beautiful from etsy

There is definitely beauty and elegance in simplicity! This is another hybrid smart hard case with rose gold detailing and cute design patterns. You can also choose from matte or gold finish for a smudge-free and protective cover!


Express your personality and add a unique style to your iPad! And keep it safe on the go, wherever you go with these gorgeous cuties all from Clique Shops‘ Etsy shop! Which of these did you like the most? Tell us in the comments!