If you’re crazy about organization like us then you’ll know your how important planners can be. They’re the perfect side-kick when you’re trying to get your plans from your head to the page! So, with 2017 here, it’s time to start thinking about your planner situation! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are a list of 5 cute planners to help you prep for the year 2017!

1. 2017 Minimalist Weekly Planner

2017 minimalist weekly planner from etsy

Stay organized and jot down all your plans, notes, and more on this minimalist weekly planner from sashakretova‘s Etsy shop. This planner has a large space so that you can write anything you want or even do some doodles!

2. 2017 Black and Gold Daily Planner

black and gold 2017 planner from Frank Stationery

Holy Moly We Love This Planner! This 2017 planner from FrankStationery in Auckland is so freaking cute. Each page is dedicated to one day of the work week and has plenty of room for all your day’s plans. It also comes with some other great features like: words of wisdom, monthly and yearly views and also pockets for those little keepsakes. You can find this in a few other colors if you’re not digging the black and gold. But seriously? How cute!

3. CEO Of My Own Life 2017 Planner

The CEO Of My Own Life Planner from EllaIconic’s Etsy store personifies elegance. We’re loving the pink hard cover book and the gold trim. Each day has its own page and is broken down into sections that easily let you manage the important areas of your life. It’s also loaded with extra features. Love this!

4. 2017 Pink Pocket Planer

2017 pocket size pink daily planner

Size doesn’t matter with this adorable pink planner. It’s a bit different to the other items on this list because it’s a pocket sized planner. It’s still loaded with tons of features like monthly views and plenty of space for each day. This 4″ x 6″ is the perfect companion when you’re on the go! You can find it on HadronEpochDesign’s Etsy Shop. Cute!

5. 2017 Gold Foil Weekly Planner

2017 gold foil weekly planner from etsy
From merykeem‘s amazing Etsy shop comes this pretty weekly planner! This includes one page for personal information, weekly plan pages, and a lot more. This planner is so unique because it’s dateless, so you can start on any day of the year! Great concept guys!


Clearly, we’re a little bit planner crazy! And we do hope that you’ll find exactly just what you need to stay organized all year long this 2017! Happy planning and all the best in 2017! 🙂