Based in Helsink, is a Russian bookbinder, musician, and designer with big dreams named Sasha Kretova. Sasha loves to knit, draw, play music, but most of all, she loves to keep things organized. For Sasha, notebooks are her best buddies because she can write anything she wants and express herself. Growing up, she took a career that she didn’t really like. Then she realized that transforming blank papers into gorgeous paper goodies is her real passion!

And so in 2014, Sasha established her own brand and paper shop named after herself, Sasha Kretova. She offers sustainable paper products and cute stationery. She believes that when something is not on paper it does not exist. Sasha’s creations help us get creative, productive, and inspired to write everything under the sun! Sasha also loves simplicity, minimalism, and for her, taking away is always better than adding.

Scroll down to see some of Sasha’s amazing paper products that you’ll definitely love!

1. Notebooks

the nicky notebook from etsy      the cindy notebook from etsy

If you also love minimalist designs like Sasha, these notebooks are perfect for you! These A5 notebooks include 64 blank pages made of high-quality recycled paper. Definitely stylish and eco-friendly!

2. Mini Sketch Books

shapes mini sketchbook from etsy      angles mini sketchbook from etsy

Draw your sketches and doodles into life with these cool sketch books! These A6 sketch books have 96 pages made from 100% high-quality recycled paper bounded by Sasha with her signature binding technique for easy and comfortable writing!

3. 2017 Weekly Planners

2017 weekly planner from etsy      2017 geometric weekly planner from etsy

We are ready to take on 2017 and plan our weekly tasks ahead! Each planner measures 4.1 x 5.8in with 120 pages. The designs are so artistic, sophisticated, and aesthetically pleasing!


If you want to see more of these pretty paper products, follow Sasha’s Etsy shop, website, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and also check out Sasha’s blog, where she shares her crafty side, inspirations, and sneak peeks of her personal life together with her husband and their cuddly cat!