We just love how our desk looks when it’s squeaky clean and organized! And to achieve the desk of our dreams, we’ve rounded up some cute desk organizers and trays to give our work space a neat and stylish vibe! No more messy desk for us!

  1. Marble and Gold Desk Tray

marble and gold desk tray from etsy

The shiny gold color is always a beautiful match with marble! This is perfect to stack all your paper, office supplies, stationery, and other pretty things. Get this lovely desk tray from shoprachelgeorge‘s Etsy shop.

2. Modern Desk Organizer

modern desk organizer from etsy

Here’s a fun and unique way to organize your work area from craftedbyoitenta! This organizer set is made of concrete and molded with extra love and care just for you! Put your phone on the stand, then use the concrete pot as a pen holder or put your favorite succulent plant. Awesome!

3. Gold Letter Tray

gold letter tray from etsy

Get this desk tray to sort out and organize all your files and office supplies! This comes with 2 stackable trays and no need to worry about the glitter because it’s industrial glitter, so it won’t rub off! More chic items like this from aliceandmarie‘s Etsy shop.

wood desk organizer from etsy

To give your desk a modern look, here’s a white wood desk organizer from iWooddesignUA. This organizer has multiple slots such as holders for your pens, memo pads, phone stand, and a cup holder too! Goodbye unorganized desk!

5. Geometric Wooden Organizer

geometric wooden organizer from etsy

Keep your things in place with this adorable geometric organizer! The boxes are made with high-quality pine wood and plywood. Choose and play with different color combinations for your storage box only from happylittlefolksshop!

6. Gold Monogram Desk Tray

gold monogram desk tray from etsy

Do a little makeover for your desk and get this elegant tray from modparty‘s Etsy shop! This acrylic tray features a metallic gold monogram lettering that you can customize for a personal touch. So glam!

7. Acrylic Colorblock Tray

acrylic colorblock tray from etsy

This is definitely a total must have! This tray has rubber protective pads and it’s also available in different sizes. The colorblock design is customizable so you can choose any color you like! Check this out from whenitrainspaper‘s Etsy shop! Simply pretty!

8. Mail Tray

mail tray from etsy

The perfect tray for all your mail (Yes, so people still get the real thing)! This 11″ x 4″ envelope-inspired tray will help us de-clutter and sort letters, mail, and other stationery so everything is in place. See this and more fabulous trays from loopsandbelles‘ Etsy shop!

9. Wire Holder and Tray


wire holder and tray from etsy

Brighten up your desks with this fashionable organizer set from lunarbaystore! These are both handcrafted with a black felt base, available in 3 different colors. And when you get this set, you’ll also receive a free signature pen!


So let’s keep calm, get organized and maintain a clutter-free workspace with these cute desk organizers and trays! Take your pick and share it with us in the comments!