Etsy is one of the best places online to explore some of the prettiest and most creative items online! For Etsy stores, the sky’s the limit! Since we’re located in the Great White North we wanted to send a shout out to our fellow Canadians who are crushing it on Etsy. So here’s a list of 4 cute and amazing Canadian Etsy stores with office supplies, accessories, and everything in between!

  1. Field Trip – Vancouver, BC

The Etsy shop Field Trip is owned and created by an amazing and talented graphic designer from Vancouver, Amy. As graphic designer, Amy wants to share her amazing work to spread happiness and inspire everyone!

She also loves minimalist designs and is inspired by the natural beauty of her home town. Together with her team, they always keep things fun and challenging! Field Trip offers iPhone cases, mouse pads, mugs and typography posters. And here are some of our picks from Field Trip’s Etsy shop:

iPhone cactus case from etsy       cactus mouse pad from etsy

For more awesome stuff, check their Etsy shop and follow them on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Lovely!

2. Designs by Maria Inc. – Toronto, Ontario

Based in Toronto, Maria is a creative graphic designer with big dreams since she was a kid! And now she finally build one of her dreams, Designs by Maria Inc. an Etsy shop full of pretty and inspirational items.

Maria’s Etsy store was also featured on different magazines and websites. Maria makes her products with love, and of course, high quality materials! It’s super fab, chic, and affordable! Check out some items from Designs by Maria Inc. that would definitely add some class and glam to your everyday!

hustle coffee mug from etsy       love what you do mug from etsy

The inspirational prints on these mugs are a great reminder to always love what we do! For more updates, follow their Website, Facebook, and Twitter!

3. The Pretty Pink Studio – Vaughan, Ontario

The creative mastermind behind The Pretty Pink Studio is no other than, Denise De Marco. Denise has a background in Fashion Business & Communication Studies and has an extraordinary talent for making awesome illustrations and handcrafted items.

This is why she decided to share her amazing Etsy shop, which she calls “my happy place”! Here are some of The Pretty Pink Studio’s lovely items:

french macaron pencil case from etsy       pink flamingo with martini glasses notebook from etsy

So chic and fab! These cute office supplies will make a great addition to our desks! We can also see Denise’s beautiful illustrations on pouches, pillow covers, and more. See more of The Pretty Pink Studio on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Love it!

4. Pocket Sized Observer – Kitchener, Ontario

From huge ambitions and dreams, Katt Dewson, a talented illustrator and designer, turned her dreams into reality. And so, Pocket Sized Observer was created! She first started to make handmade journal and cards for a bazaar. And as she discovered Etsy, she then created the Pocket Sized Observer in 2013, and the rest is history!

The Pocket Sized Observer offers cute and inspiring illustrations, wall art, notebooks, and a lot more adorable stuff! Here are some items that you will definitely love!

do something awesome wall art from etsy       she became her own hero wall art from etsy

What beautiful art! This wall art is perfect for any room or office! And it sure will definitely inspire us to do awesome things, just like what Katt did by creating Pocket Sized Observer! Check more awesomeness from her blog, Facebook, and Instagram.