Stamps really make things pretty, unique and fun! We can use it for personal and everyday purposes, or even for our business needs! And this has been the inspiration of two business and lifetime partners, Diane and James; who finally decided to open a custom stamp store, The Stamp Press Etsy shop.

They offer a wide range of stamps from personalized rubber stamps to custom embossers. So, from The Stamp Press’ amazing Etsy shop, here are some custom stamps that you can use for all your stylish business needs.

  1. Made With Love Stamp

made with love stamp from etsy

We totally love this one! This stamp is also made with love and eco-friendly materials! You can choose from different sizes and the kind of stamp that you want. Definitely perfect for those who make handmade or hand sewn crafts!

2. Thank You Favor Stamp

thank you favor stamp from etsy

A little thank you note definitely means a lot! Express some gratitude to your customers in the simplest, but stylish way! You can customize this with your business name or add some personal note. For sure, your clients would love to transact with you again!

3. Packaged With Care Stamp

packaged with care stamp from etsy

Show some care for your customer’s orders and stamp this to guarantee that their orders are packaged with care and will arrive safely! Get this stamp in different size and style of your choice. Love it!

4. Return Address Stamp

return address stamp from etsy

Here’s a sweet and simple return address stamp that you can use for your business cards, envelopes, and a lot more! Choose from different size options and kind of stamp that you prefer. It’s so chic, the laurels make it look even prettier!


Add a personal and unique touch to your business and have fun marking with these custom stamps! And if you want to see more of these amazing stamps, check out The Stamp Press‘ Etsy shop!