As the days start to get darker, and the nights a tad bit colder (for us Northern Hemisphere folk), candles make a great addition to any room in the house – especially during the holiday season.

Speaking of the holiday season, scented candles also make a fantastic gifts. So, we’ve found different candles for the different people in your lives!

1. For your yoga buddy: 

Namaste Yoga Candle

namaste yoga candle from etsy

Get this awesome candle and Namaste bitches! When you want to relax but suddenly you’re overcome with bad thoughts, light this one up and say hello to good vibes! Get this for yourself or for your yoga buddy! You can personalize this and get it in different scents only from subversivehousewife.

2. For your fun co-worker:

Co-worker Candle Gift

co-worker candle gift from etsy

Show your funny side and get this scented candle printed with humor! This candle will definitely make your co-workers laugh hard and of course, love scented candles! Choose from different awesome scents for this candle and get this from silverdollarcandleco‘s Etsy shop.

3. For bourbon and bacon lovers:

Bourbon Bacon Candle

bourbon bacon candle from etsy

Bourbon and Bacon are possibly of two favorite things on the planet. So this candle is complete, total perfection! So if you have a bourbon and bacon lover in your it might be a good idea to check out ruggedscent‘s Etsy shop. Cheers!

4. For your friend that says it like it is:

Light This Shit Up Candle

light this shit up candle from etsy

We’ve all got that person in our lives. You know, the one that just says it as it is. Light this shit up for that crazy friend! Pick from different scents and you can even customize your message. Get this shit and more awesome scented candles from frolicandsage‘s Etsy shop.

5. For your cool dad:

Thanks Dad Candle

thanks dad candle from etsy

Show your Dad your appreciation with this cool scented candle from badasscandles! We bet Dads will definitely love the message and the awesome scent. So give some love and get this scented candle, because Dad deserves it!

Use these for yourself or as a gift to your loved ones! So, have you picked a candle? Tell us in the comments!