Okay, we might have a problem here at Pretty Office Things. We’re suckers for the colour pink! Add coffee to the conversation and you’ve definitely got our attention. So, it’s only fitting that we gathered 5 cute pink-inspired coffee mugs. So grab a cup and check out this beauts below!

  1. Makers Gonna Make Mug

makers gonna make mug from etsy

No one’s stopping us, ’cause makers gonna make! This pink mug is a perfect gift for all those coffee-lovin’ ladies out there who are absolutely crushin’ it! Get this pretty and inspirational mug from deezdutch‘s Etsy shop.

2. Love Travel Mug

love travel mug from etsy

We definitely love this “love” travel mug from shelleyscrochetole. This ceramic travel mug is ideal for people on-the-go who are looking to keep that drink nice and warm. Stylish and amazing! Love it!

3. Pink Pineapple Pattern Mug

pink pineapple pattern mug from etsy

We can’t decided whether we want to use this mug or just keep it as an amazing piece of art! Perhaps both?! Either way, it’s absolutely adorable. It’s made from porcelain and you can choose between gold and platinum for the handle. You can get this fab mug from kinaceramics and check out their other cool creations!

4. Let’s Blog Some Shit Mug

let's blog some shit mug from etsy

Do you have a bad-ass blogger in your life? This mug is definitely crafted to get those writing juices flowing and serves as a reminder to always kick-ass! See more of this awesome cup quote from acupofquotes‘ Etsy shop.

5. Pink Chic Coffee Mug

pink chic coffee mug from etsy

This one is absolutely gorgeous! This adorable mug will make your morning coffee experience perfect in every way. It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe. Get this from sweetwaterdecor‘s lovely Etsy shop!

All these pretty mugs sure screams pink! Total cuteness and perfection! What do you like the most? Tell us in the comments!