Another year and another new iPhone. We’ve come a long way from those iPod classic days, remember that? In celebration of the new iPhone 7 we’ve rounded up 5 cute cases that we think you’re going to love!

  1. Pink Marble iPhone Case

pink marble iphone case from etsy

Our obsession with marble never ends! And with a dash of pink, this case can make your iPhone 7 super girly and chic! This case is made using high quality, tough and flexible poly-carbonate plastic; so it protects your phone while staying trendy, we like that deal! Get this from Joymerrymanstore.

2. Cactus Summer Pattern iPhone Case

cactus summer pattern iphone case from etsy

Seriously, who doesn’t loves cactuses (apparently that’s the English plural of Cactus)? This case is handmade using high quality plastic and the cute cactus prints definitely reminds us of those summer days! Check this out on poosparkles‘ awesome Etsy shop!

3. Monogrammed Pink Rose iPhone Case

monogrammed pink rose iphone case from etsy

This case is definitely perfect for you floral design lovers! You can get this in a regular case, ultra slim or choose the tough case for added shock absorbency. Get this and more lovely designs from joymerrymanstore‘s Etsy shop.

4. Faux Marble iPhone Case

faux marble iphone case from etsy

If you’re looking for a minimalist and sophisticated design for your new iPhone, this one is for you! This lightweight case will give protection and style for your iPhone. See this and more from rubyandb‘s Etsy shop.

5. Flowers iPhone Case

flowers iphone case from etsy

How lovely and charming are these cases? Whether you choose the black or white flower print, this will absolutely make your iPhone 7 prettier than ever! Check more of these lovely designs from kakakakashop‘s awesome Etsy shop.

Give your iPhone 7 a new look and keep it safe from scratches with these cute iPhone cases! Which did you like the most? Tell us in the comments!