Decorating walls with world maps are definitely a thing nowadays! We can see it in almost every wall decor ideas in Pinterest, Instagram, and a lot more! And of course, we don’t wanna waste the chance to decorate pretty maps in our rooms or office. So map lovers and travel bugs get ready, ’cause we’ll be bringing the world to you!

Here are 5 pretty world maps to spice up your walls and make you want to plan for your next vacay!

  1. Coral Printable Art

coral printable art from etsy

Here’s something to show our love for maps and travelling! You can get this printable art in different sizes in a JPEG format and print it right away, as many times as you want! Check more adorable printables from wallartprintables.

2. World Map in Pastel Pink

world map in pastel pink from etsy

This is not just perfect for the nursery room, but also perfect for every girls room or office! The chic color of pastel pink gives a refreshing vibe and whip up our wanderlust. Though the frame is not included, you can still choose from different sizes. Get this from willowandolive.

3. Gold World Map Printable Art

gold world map printable art from etsy

Talk about gold! You can get this printable art in 8×10 JPEG file format. Definitely a shining and shimmering display for your desk or wall. See more fab printables on pennyjanedesign‘s Etsy shop!

4. Floral World Map Printable Art

floral world map printable art

This gorgeous wall art from lavieprints definitely deserves a place on this list! We just love how the floral design matches the world map. Choose from different sizes and get this straight from your printer. Love it!

5. Pastel World Map Printable Art

pastel world map printable art from etsy

Such a sophisticated and lovely wall art! The watercolor effect and the outline of the map perfectly complements well. This is available in 8×10 inch high-resolution JPEG file only from amywestdesigns‘ Etsy shop!


These maps will take us to places and inspire us even more to go after the world! Someday we will chase our dreams to travel the world. But for the mean time, let us enjoy looking at these pretty world maps!