Desk accessories make our work space fun, chic, and organized! And we bet, these wooden desk accessories will definitely look good on your workstation! So scroll down to see our list of 5 cute wood desk accessories that you shouldn’t miss!

  1. Wooden Storage Pot

wooden storage pot from etsy

These wooden pots sure give a happy and vibrant mood for any desk! Each wooden box definitely goes well with the geometric pastel colors and you can use these to hold your pens, succulents, and more. Get this from happylittlefolksshop!

2. Good Vibes Banner

good vibes banner from etsy

Good vibes? Good vibes! This cute wooden banner measures 21cm X 27cm X 0.4cm, made with high-quality oak wood. Just by looking at this makes us feel good for the day’s work! Check more pretty banners from thingsweleftbehind‘s Etsy shop!

3. Wood USB Stick

wood USB stick from etsy

Save and keep all your files on this cool and unique flash drive from lapasobien‘s Etsy shop. It measures 2 cm x 6.5 cm, with 8gb storage capacity. Love it!

4. Dark Varnished Macbook Case

dark varnished macbook case from etsy

How amazing and realistic does this case look? The vinyl skin of this case looks so realistic because of the high-resolution photo of a real wood and you can easily snap this case on your MacBook. Get this from cliqueshops!

5. Engraved Wood Notebook

engraved wood notebook from etsy

All natural beauty on this classy notebook from iwoodLOVE‘s Etsy shop. You can choose a book size and the number of pages that you want. What’s even cooler is that you can request for a custom engrave! So adorable!


We definitely like the idea of wooden desk accessories! Perfect for our room, office, and it sure WOOD make a cute gift! (See what we did there? Haha!) Do check these out and tell us what you like the most!