A teacher’s desk wouldn’t be complete without some cute stamps. Stamps are a great way to motivate students, praise for a job well done or simply brighten up any paperworks! So here are 5 cute stamps that are absolutely perfect for all teachers!

  1. French Teacher Stamp Set

french teacher stamp set from etsy

This stamp set is definitely beau! This bento box inspired stamp contains 4 French messages which are hand lettered and hand drawn on mini rubber stamps. Choose from different ink colors for your stamp and check this out from papersushi‘s Etsy shop!

2. ‘From The Desk Of Teacher’ Stamp

'from the desk of teacher' stamp from etsy

Stamp, label and mark your paperworks and documents with this adorable stamp from redcloudstudio‘s Etsy shop. This is a customizable rubber stamp that’s laser engraved on a maple wood block and you can choose a style for your stamp. Lovely!

3. Female Teacher Rubber Stamp

female teacher rubber stamp from etsy

This cute stamp is designed by pinkpueblo2‘s lovely Etsy shop owner, Devon. It’s made from maple wood mounted photopolymer that comes with an ink of your choice. You can also personalize the name, hair and accessories of the teacher!

4. ‘From The Library Of’ Stamp

'from the library of' stamp from etsy

Any teacher would definitely love to get an awesome stamp like this! Simply press it on the books, documents, or even bookmarks and the stamp will do the talking for the teacher! Get this from yellowfishpaperie‘s Etsy shop!

5. Personalized Teacher Stamp

personalized teacher stamp from etsy

Here’s an awesome and fun way to personalize your message to your students! This is made from maple wood and eco-friendly red rubber. You can also choose the size and customized text for the stamp. See more amazing stamps from thestamppress‘ Etsy shop!

Which of these stamps did you like the most? Share it with us in the comments! We’d definitely love to hear from you!