Page flags are definitely some pretty office supplies and are total must-haves to mark the important notes on our books, planners, documents, and a lot more. So to add some cuteness on our pages, we’ve rounded up 5 page flags that you’ll definitely love and make you want to get one right now!

  1. Pink and Mint Watercolor Page Flags

pink and mint watercolor page flags from etsy

Mark your favorite pages with these cute page flags in vibrant colors! The pink and mint watercolor is so gorgeous and you can write on these with any pen. Every sheet comes with 21 non-removable white matte stickers only from stickiesbycns‘ Etsy shop!

2. Retro Bird Page Flag

retro bird page flag from etsy

What better way to mark the pages of your favorite book or planner than with these charming page flags from freyabow‘s Etsy shop! Every sheet has 24 stickers with matte finish and you can write on it too! Check more of these cuties on their Etsy shop!

3. Sweet Pea Mini Page Flags

sweet pea mini page flags from etsy

These pretty page flags are absolutely perfect for labeling the pages of our planner, documents, and more! Each sheet size includes different number of stickers to choose from. Get this and more from merritelizabeth‘s lovely Etsy shop!

4.  Nerd Glass Page Flag

nerd glass page flag from etsy

Add some nerdy touch to your planner or notebooks with these page flags from mynewestaddiction‘s Etsy shop. These could also make a perfect bookmark for your favorite books! Love it!

5. Floral Page Flags

floral page flags from etsy

Can these page flags get any prettier? We’re just so in love with the peach and floral matte prints! Each sheet has 15 stickers to make your notes and pages more adorable only from planningsanctuary‘s lovely Etsy shop!

So anytime we find a note that’s important, inspiring, or something that we simply want to label, these cute page flags got us covered! Check out all of these cuties and get ready to mark some pages!