With the new year just around the corner we firmly believe that a little bit of kick-ass motivation goes a long way in starting out the new year just right! And if you need something to inspire you to act on those big ideas then these cuties have got you covered!

Here are 5 cute motivational notebooks that will totally made to inspire!

  1. Punch Today In The Face Notebook

punch today in the face notebook from etsy

Bad ass? Check! Motivational? Yas! The handwritten copper foiled text on the cover is absolutely stunning! This A6 notebook has 40 pages that you can fill with your plans, goals, drawings, and what ever the hell you like! Get this from theprintroomdesign‘s Etsy shop!

2. Become A Millionaire Notebook

become a millionaire notebook from etsy

We are so ready to take on the world and become a millionaire! This chic notebook is definitely perfect for minimalist lovers! Get this 120 page notebook in spiral or hardcover only from pencilmeinstationery‘s Etsy shop.

3. Think Happy Thoughts Notebook

think happy thoughts notebook from etsy

One glance at this cute notebook is the only reminder you need during a hectic week! This notebook has 100 pages measuring 5.5 x 8.5in and you have the options to choose from different page styles only from journalandco‘s Etsy shop!

4. Get Shit Done Notebook

get shit done notebook from etsy

We are forever in love with this motivational notebook and statement from Migoals‘ Etsy shop! Write all your daily plans, lists, random musing, inspirations, and more! What are you waiting for!? Go get shit done with this notebook! Love it!

5. Personalized Motivational Notebook

personalized motivational notebook from etsy

Let’s boost our productivity and achieve our goals with a personal touch! This notebook contains 96 pages so you can jot down anything you want and also choose from 2 different designs! Check this out from madebyellis‘ Etsy shop!


If you’re looking for some daily motivation with a pinch of pretty then you may need to invest in one of these cute notebooks! Which of these cuties did you like the most? Tell us in the comments!