We all love pencils! Whether it’s a normal or mechanical pencil, it sure makes writing or drawing more fun! So we’ve rounded up 5 cute mechanical pencils to give your writing experience a new twist. And we bet, these are what you just need for your everyday writing!

  1. Kawaii Mechanical Pencil Set

kawaii mechanical pencil set from etsy

Oh! Just how cute are these mechanical pencils? If we ever feel stressed out while writing some important stuff, the prints of these cute pens will remove those stress away! You can get these together with 0.5mm refill only from papergeekco! Definitely kawaii! 

2. Koh-i-noor Mechanical Pencil

koh-i-noor mechanical pencil from etsy

If you’re searching for a chic and pretty mechanical pencil, worry no more because the search is over! These pencils are made with soft graphite and hexagonal barrel body for smooth and comfy writing. Check these from mightypapershop.

3. Kawaii Mechanical Pencils

kawaii mechanical pencils from etsy

Here is another set of adorable mechanical pencils from papergeekco‘s Etsy shop. These also comes with 0.5mm refill to make the fun writing keep on coming! These also make a great collection of mechanical pencils!

4. Little Ghost Mechanical Pencil

little ghost mechanical pencils from etsy

If you love Snapchat’s ghost emoji, you might also like these pens with little ghost prints from mopapo‘s Etsy shop. It has 0.55mm writing point and you can get these in set or single. So cute!

5. Monochrome Mechanical Pencil Set

monochrome mechanical pencil set from etsy

Check out these pretty monochrome pencil set with different cool patterns! These are perfect for those who love minimalist designs and these will definitely brighten up your desk. These pretty pens are all from papergeekco!


These pens are certainly not just useful, but also give smiles and fun while writing! Which of these do you like the most? Share it in the comments!