Some might say that cats are man’s weird reclusive roommate who poops in a box. But for Ailurophiles (cat lovers), cat’s make the simple things in life so much funnier (and cuter!).

So, to show some love for all the cute cats and their owners, here are 5 cute cat mouse pads that would make the perfect gift to that crazy cat lady in your life. Unless you’re that crazy-cat-lady, in which case, good luck picking just one of these. So treat yourself with these purrfect and adorable must haves for your desk!

  1. Cat Sunglasses Mousepad

cat sunglasses mousepad from etsy

Here’s a cool cat wearing some cool sunglasses.  This mousepad has a fabric texture with a spongy filler to make scrolling more comfy. Cute and practical, we’re okay with that. Check this out from giftbase‘s Etsy shop.

2. Obsessive Cat Disorder Mousepad

obsessive cat disorder mousepad from etsy

Too cute to handle? We feel you! This mouse pad will definitely explain to others your obsession with cats. And guess what? This mouse pad is also one of the cute items that you can find from giftbase‘s Etsy shop! We think giftbase might have a cat problem as well.

3. Because Cats Mousepad

because cats mousepad from etsy

The perfect response to the worlds most important questions.  This cute mouse pad from phoonisa‘s Etsy shop is made using soft polyester fabric with neoprene rubber backing. You can get this in two styles: round and rectangle. Purretty!

4. Grumpy Cat Mousepad

grumpy cat mousepad from etsy

As far as internet celebrities go, you can’t get much more popular than this furry fella. Thanks to this geeky mouse pad from mousepadcenter we can now bring it right to our desk. What makes it even cooler is it’s hard waterproof coating and black foam backing. Who would not fall for this frowning, grumpy cat’s sweet and innocent face right?

5. Cats Mousepad

cats mousepad from etsy

This shows some of our cats funny behaviors like playing with a ball of yarn, hide in a box, or maybe drink tea! It has a stain resistant polyester fabric top and a rubber non stick back to make our work space comfy and fun! Get this cutie from fieldtrip‘s Etsy shop!


So, are you starting to feel that these mouse pads are meant for you? If so, feel free to choose from these adorable mouse pads! We’d love to hear your picks! No judgements here.