Having a succulent plant beside your desk, table or near the window has become a great way to keep your workspace fresh and a little bit stylish! So for a change, here are 5 cute fake cactus plants. Well, they’re more accessories than plants but you get the idea, either way, these will still make your desk awesome!

  1. Cacti Coasters

cacti coaster from etsy

Check out this cute cacti coasters! The design is unique and edgy, who would’ve thought coasters can be formed into a cactus! Cool, right? Get this from cliveroddy‘s awesome Etsy shop to see more cute and awesome items!

2. Cactus Pin Cushion

cactus pin cushion from etsy

Two words for this cutie ~ irresistibly charming! This cactus crochet definitely makes us go “awww” and no need to water it to make it smile, ’cause this cactus got all smiles for you! Check this out on loopynstitch!

3. Felted Cactus Garden Set

felted cactus garden from etsy

We won’t kill these felted cacti set and definitely, no need to water it from onceagainsam‘s Etsy shop. Each cactus has a different look, placed in different pots, that makes it unique! Place these on your desk, near the window, wherever you want.

4. House Plants Wall Decals

house plants wall decals from etsy

Aren’t these the cutest? When you look from afar, it looks quite a bit real when actually, it’s just a decal! These decals will surely turn your house into a happy, refreshing, and eco-friendly house. More awesome finds from carniwall‘s amazing Etsy shop!

5. Knitted Cactus in a Pot 

knitted cactus in a pot from etsy

At first, these may look like Mickey Mouse’s head, but nope! These are adorable fake cacti made with love and of course from high-quality materials. Go and grab these cuties from thornandneedle‘s Etsy shop and see more cute knitted cacti.


These plants may be fake, but these sure are pretty and relaxing to look at! Have you picked one? Tell us in the comments!