As you may have figured out, organization is one of our favourite topics here. Yeah, we know, it’s nerdy but we’re owning it. So, that’s why we’re so stoked to have found this planner stickers. Aside from being practical these adorable stickers give planners more color, life, and style! So, if your planner is in need of a makeover, take a look at these 5 pretty hand-written calligraphy stickers!

1. Days Of The Week Flag Stickers

days of the week flag stickers from etsy

These stickers will brighten up your day and your planner! Each sheet measures 3.5 x 4.75in, with 4 color options to choose from. These are all handwritten and designed by Ms. Bernadette from sugarloop‘s lovely Etsy shop!

2. To Do Calligraphy Stickers

to do calligraphy stickers from etsy

Spice up your normal to do list and get this chic calligraphy sticker for your planner! These stickers are perfect for labeling your tasks, reminders, and more. The stickers measure less than 1.5in, printed on matte sticker. Check this out from stickiesbycns‘ Etsy shop!

3. Month Planner Stickers

month planner stickers from etsy

Here’s a simple and unique way to label your monthly plans and goals! Each sheet includes 60 monthly stickers and set of weekdays (5 of each). These are high-quality clear sticker sheets measuring 3.2″ x 4.3″. Get this cool sticker from honeyinked‘s Etsy shop!

4. A5 Tracker Sticker

a5 tracker sticker from etsy

Having trouble tracking your daily tasks or habits? We’ve got just the solution! This tracker sticker features 15 spaces that you can fill up every month and this will perfectly fit your planner or journal. Get this from bohoberrypaperie‘s Etsy shop!

5. Journal Positivity Stickers

journal positivity stickers from etsy

A little dose of positivity goes a long way! These are perfect for your mantra, affirmation, or simply a motivation! Each sheet has 11 stickers and these are all hand written and digitized by Ms. Jennifer of inkbyjeng‘s pretty Etsy shop!

Which of these did you like the most? Share it with us in the comments!