Calling all ‘The Office’ fans out there! Even though one of the most popular television shows has already ended, we still can’t get over it. And if you’ve been missing it, don’t worry because the feeling is pretty mutual!

So to remind us of this awesome and funny show, here are 4 crazy cute mugs inspired by ‘The Office’! Drink your cup of coffee or tea while binge watching ‘The Office’ series all over again!

1. ‘Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica’ Mug

'bears beets battlestar galactica' mug from etsy

Who could forget one of Jim and Dwight’s classic fights about bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica? If you love that scene, then we bet you’ll love this mug! Get this in 11oz or 15oz mug size only from greybunnypaperie‘s Etsy shop.

2. Kelly Kapoor Mug

kelly kapoor mug from etsy

Shout out to those whose spirit animal is Kelly Kapoor! The perfect mug has finally arrived! This ceramic mug measures 11oz and the design is printed on both sides. Get this gorgeous mug from mugsbeforedrugs‘ Etsy shop!

3. Jim and Pam Mugs

jim and pam mugs from etsy

Here’s to our ultimate OTP (one true pair), ’cause they are relationship goals! This 11oz couple mug set is made with premium vinyl designed with gold lettering. Get this for yourself and for the Jim or Pam of your life only from kerichristine‘s Etsy shop!

4. Michael Scott Quote Mug

michael scott quote mug from etsy

‘The Office’ wouldn’t be complete without the world’s best boss – Michael Scott! And this quote mug is inspired from Michael’s crazy line, “Your donuts make me go nuts!” The designs are customizable and printed on both sides. Check this out from honeydarlingshop!
It’s definitely more fun to have our favorite cup of drink with these cute mugs! And we sure hope that these mugs will help us with our ‘Office’ sepanx (separation anxiety)! What did you like the most? Share it with us!